21 Gedanken zu „Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Clouds

  1. Oh my!! These are beautiful cloud pictures!! I love how different they all are — some mysterious, others ethereal… It’s like the sky has a mind of its own … Or like a tumbling toddler’s different moods!
    So glad you stopped by and liked my poem and photo. I’m relatively new to blogging and enjoy the „return policy“ that seems built into this world. I love getting introduced to people across the world through Likes – hope you will stop by and meander with me a bit more. I am thrilled with a visit from Germany — my maiden name is Gruenwald and I’ve been tracing my ancestry into the early 1800s in Germany! Have been to Freiberg and Frankfurt — my daughter went to school in Bad Munstereifel and spent a year studying the pipe organ at The Hichshule fur Muzik in Freiberg — apologies for misspellings! Stop by again — I’m going to continue meandering!

    1. Hi Lillian,
      I am sure will stop by again. I also love blogging because you „meet“ so many people all over the world and see
      different sights oh the world.
      It seems to me that about 50% of Americans having german roots 😀
      Thanks that you like my photos and my blog.
      Cheers Angela

  2. Egal wo man lebt, Wolken sind einfach toll anzuschaun 😀 und fotografieren und deine Wolkenbilder sind toll … VG von Schweden nach Hamburg 😀

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