Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Made in the 1940’s


Born in 1960’s and being German, I can’t find something nice being made in the 1940’s.

This year in January I was on the the Island of Usedom at the Baltic sea.

Most of you think, o.k. and now ? The city  of Peenemünde is located on the Island Usedom, and now a lot of older British people know what it means.

The V1 and V2 have been produced there, which made huge damage to a lot of British Cities.

Maybe also some Americans know it, because Wernher von Braun responsible for the V2 of the Nazi-Regime was also the employee of the NASA and responsible for the Apollo programm.

If you want to know more about the 1940’s check out Sunday Stills, the next challenge

19 Gedanken zu „Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Made in the 1940’s

      1. Hi suej,
        it is worth a visit. I was there in January and I think it was one of the coldest week, so I was only there for about 2 hours. But one day when it will be warmer I will visit Usedom and Peenemünde again 😉
        Cheers Angela

      1. It did NOT launch to Italy !! but everyone in my family -and in Italy – knew about the terrible new weapon and everyone spoke about it with wonder and terror. My family were strongly antifascist – they did not like that the Italian-German coalition had such an advanced way to bomb across the Channel. With lights out and lowered sound we listened to Radio London every night.

  1. May I suggest … well, ME ??? [grin] I was born in 1943 …
    Peenemunde remains of great interest – both when it was functional and even now as it falls slowly into nothing.
    Terrific shots, Angela !

  2. Das haben wir uns auch angesehen. Es wirkte irgendwie total verloren, als hätte jemand halt seinen alten Schrott da gelassen, völlig kommentarlos. Es hatte nur sehr wenig von einem Museum. War allerdings auch bereits 1995 oder so. Hat sich daran etwas geändert?

    1. Oha, seit 1995 hat sich viel getan.
      Heute werden diese Gelände doch besser genutzt. Auch wenn die Geschichte weh tut, ist es wichtig solche Institutionen zu erhalten. In Prora tut sich z.B. auch einiges und ich bin mir sicher das dort 1995 noch nicht viel war, denn da hatten die Menschen in Ostdeutschland noch ganz andere Sorgen.
      Ich denke wenn ihr heute dahin fahrt sind es Welten zwischen 1995 und 2014/2015 😉
      LG Angela

  3. Well… I was born in 1937 so the war years in Italy are etched in my childhood memories. Italy joined the war in alliance with Germany in 1940. We left the city and went live in the country to escape bombing raids. I learned about Peenemunde as an adult years later, but as a child I remember the terrifying effect of the V1 and V2 even though they were not launched into Italy.

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