Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

These Photos I took last Sunday.

All taken from the same spot using a Zoom.

Pilot on its way 😉

Lotse unterwegs
Lotse unterwegs
Lotse unterwegs
Lotse unterwegs
Lotse unterwegs
Lotse unterwegs
Lotse unterwegs
Lotse unterwegs

WPC: Perspective

Seems as if WP is playing games with me.

This is now the second week my comment needs moderation.

I already asked last week for the reason without any explanation and it took these people at least til Wednesday (from friday) to accept my contribution for the WPC.

This week it is the same 😦


19 Gedanken zu „Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

      1. Okay! First of all, I agree her response was very „In your face“ and not a composed considerate response at all. I believe that most of us correspond with kindness here and she came off being almost indignant. That was completely unnecessary I 100% agree.

        Second, she is only a WP subscriber and I do not think she is on the WordPress staff at all. If you post a PUBLIC question then anyone can answer it and it appears that she has made herself a self appointed expert. If you click on her member status you will see that she answers lots of people and it is just a public forum.

        Third, your idea was great and a real time saver in my opinion . Send it directly to WP through the PRIVATE not public forum. When I have a question I always go private. Usually because it has to do with me having difficulty figuring something out and they ALWAYS answer politely.
        Also you could start a blog with EXACTLY this purpose and hopefully people like me would contribute ideas and info!

        Finally, why would you let a bully push you away when your blog is terrific? Spam, Delete and ignore and forget her snarky response. We love ya Angela !♥

      2. Thanks a lot for your answer Kat.
        But obviously she has friends at WP staff or why do you think my entry in the WPC always needs modereation since then ? And why do they delete a question of mine without any notice ?
        Thanks for your tip about the private forum.
        I will think about ist
        Cheers Angela

      3. Once I asked a question and it took them 3 days to answer me and once I never got an answer. . I dunno. She is one person . Hugs ! Me

  1. Really nice shots, Angela! Tell me, what do you mean, precisely, about your comments needing moderation? I am familiar with that phrase when I write a comment under someone’s site and that person has chosen to keep all comments to be looked at before they are published. Is that what you mean? The site-owner sets this up within his or her dashboard under Settings | Discussion (or whatever that is in German). 🙂

    1. Hi M.R.,
      this is the same with WP. They are the site owner and want to have a look at my comments. That’s why nobody can see my entry and pingback.
      This game they are now playing with for 2 weeks.
      They even deleted a comment I posted last week without any notice or explanation. I only was asking why my entry is waiting for moderation and this week it is the same game.
      So this will be my last WP Challenge, because blog for fun and this is no fun anymore
      Cheers Angela

  2. well it looks like the pilot boat is coming off of that larger boat – and I like the differing shots.
    please let us know where your next blog is – sorry about any hassle- not sure of the details – but I know stuff like this is a pain.

    1. Hi Again Angela- I skimmed the link you provided above – and please do not leave because of that incident. I was actually shocked that someone would start a reply to an idea with „now why the heck would we….“ I mean that is basic 101 stuff to not shoot anyone down like that – and I do not think represents the WordPress professionalism and classy side I have perceived.
      BUt whew – I can see why that was a shock of a reply to read – but do not let it chase you away from a community that you enjoy. I know it is easier said than done, but sometimes when we overlook an offense – well we are better for it. You spoke up and it was received well – but like Kat said, maybe speak up in a different forum next time (not sure what the private route is)

      but I do know that AMAZING things happen when ideas are listened to – and whole that person saw it is silly (and seemed exasperated that it would maybe pull from commenting and blogging not he current blogs – so I think she meant well) but it is exactly that type of closed minded thinking that stifles a business is the long run.

      When someone is demeaned for putting an idea out there it is obviously someone who does not have warm people skills (to at least say thanks for thinking) but worse – it also means little business skills – because sometimes the very think we scoff at could have been the next thing our business needed. For example – Blackberry phones are now only taking up 5% of the share because some of their executives never thought that thumbing on a keypad would take off – and now that they see nobody wants to buy the phones with full screen keypads – well their market share went from 40% to 5%. and I bet they wish they could go back and maybe listen to some creative ideas.

      Do dear Angela – don’t you dare let a person like that chase you away – and keep on thinking of your ideas – because the one you had may be good – or it may not be – or it may lead to something else – because that is how ideas unfold – they are grown and rolled out.

      and try not to take it so personal – if you can take it less personal well it will be good for you in the long run. This does not mean we pretend it did not hurt – it just means that we acknowledge the wound – and then give it ointment and then move on. Because it is very easy for people to shoot down ideas (and have you heard that a prophet is without honor in his hometown – like sometimes your family members will shoot down ideas more than others). but many people will not see the vision, the idea – or in this case, it seems like that blogger lady saw it as maybe a threat to WordPress – when it was not – and you could be on to something here – your idea could be the catalyst for the next thing we do not even know we need yet – and it could bless the world without taking away any traffic from the current travel blogs – so do not let a person like that have any more umph – if anything, wish them best that they can grow in area of delivery and vision. Because you have it my dear – indeed you do.

      1. Hello -Y.
        thanks your kind words. I am sorry for the late answer but I had lots of work the last months and also had no Internet for about 4 weeks.
        I still will be around but will not participate at WPC anymore.
        Cheers Angela 🙂

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