Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

Cosco Faith

Containervessel Cosco Faith approaching Container Terminal Tollerort in Hamburg

WPC: Threes

23 Gedanken zu „Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

  1. Oh, MORITZ! – I ADORE commercial shipping! When my husband was alive and we were living in this flat together, we had a view down to a container shipping dock – also those huge ROROs, you know? We could watch them for hours and hours.
    Thanks from the heart for these!

    1. Thanks Madelaine 🙂
      Seems as Timethief has also lots of friends at WordPress !
      My contribution for this weeks WPC needs still moderation and I posted on Friday !
      If this will go on like this I won’t participate anymore and might be looking for another Blogging platform.
      Cheers Angela

      1. I still have no answer 😦 I f they don’t want me to participate they just have to let me know. But a lot of people don’t like if you are straight in your speach/writing
        Cheers Angela

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