Weekly Photo Challenge: Object II

These Photos I took while on vacation on Usedom.

Peenemünde is the place where the V2 has been invented.

To be at this place, it was quite interesting but also I didn’t feel very well.

Thinking about all the victims this project caused not only in England.

Also the POW’s, forced laborers and Jews from the nearby KZ Karlshagen who died to make this project possible.

V2 Erklärung
V2 Erklärung
V2 Explanation
V2 Explanation
Kraftwerk Peenemünde
Kraftwerk Peenemünde

WPC: Object

15 Gedanken zu „Weekly Photo Challenge: Object II

  1. what a tough topic to write and share about. but it is part of our global history, and there were people who lived and loved life who ended up dying as a result of some evil decisions made.
    thank you for sharing this poignant post.

  2. People always say life is difficult nowadays and it’s a great reminder for all of us that there were much worse time to live. BTW, excellent choice of black and white – it makes the story more compelling.

  3. It does give you a chill to think how many people died because of this invention! I had the same feeling when I visited a nuclear test site in the USA. Still, it’s important to document this!

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