Travel Theme: Winter

This Winter so far is quite warm in Germany.

I chosed photos taken in 2012 at Hamburg Port

I hope you enjoy 🙂

If like to see more of Winter, click here


16 Gedanken zu „Travel Theme: Winter

      1. Berlin ist more east to Hamburg far away from the coast. We get the warm weather from the Northsea and the Baltic sea. It is only getting cold if the weather/wind is coming from Scandinavia or Russia 😉

      1. Well, there’s cold and then there’s COLD. But yes, rain and slush and dreary are not my ideas for winter. Give me the (little bit) colder temps and sunny days.

  1. All that ice reminds me that it’s raining freezing rain right now. I expect to wake up with my north-facing door frozen shut for the second time in a month. 😦 Rolling Stones sand, „Gimme Shelter.“ I say, „Gimme Spring!“

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