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    1. There is nothing so magical as the Norther Lights. At least you have already seen them. But I am sure you will see them again 🙂
      Hopefully I will do so again in a few years, but first there are some other things on my bucket list 😉

  1. i remember admiring your photos of this incredible display earlier this year. what a spectacular show!
    i once saw a similar display from an airplane while on a night flight from Duesseldorf to Vancouver, and it was almost terrifying. It was so huge. the light encircled the plane, and you could not see the top of it through the airplane window, as wave upon wave of light danced across the night sky beside and before us as we continued flying.
    there was an unaccompanied minor sitting next to me, a young girl, and i did not want her to be frightened of it or to admit my own misgivings, so i kept telling her how fascinating this was and what a privilege we were having to be able to enjoy this unique view from the plane, partially to convince myself of this, and partially because it really was so.
    no camera was handy, and certainly no digital one, yet it is a sight i have never forgotten. maybe one day i will have another opportunity to see it again – and my camera will be with me!

  2. Have only been privileged to see the „Northern Lights“ on two occasions, but without the equipment or skills to capture them. This is a wonderful reminder of their beauty and a prompt for me to be prepared for that serendipitous moment in the future.

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