National Television for One Step at a Time!

Very interesting article about the rubbish in our oceans.
As many people are on vacation now,  just to remind you to take your litter with you and not throwing away into rivers, ocean, landscape .

Everyday life in the North Cape & North of Norway

It all started with a treasure hunt and a bad conscious:

Looking for polished sea glass, weather-worn driftwood and other treasures on this secluded, North Cape beach, I also found this:

trash, ocean pollution, norway

And my conscious said, „You can’t just take the pretty things and ignore all this plastic.“  An internal conversation started.  „What can one person do to make a difference in an enormous global problem?“ „Will others want to help?“ „How can we remove tons of plastic waste from a secluded beach?“ „Where to start?“

And the answers came in the form of a project called One Step at a Time.

shoes, norway, ocean pollution

One Step at a Time:  1,000 Shoes gathered from the coast, used in an art exhibition to help increase awareness about the global problem of ocean pollusion and raise funds to rent boats and clean up remote bays that are full of plastic debris.

Status update:  950 shoes collected…

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8 Gedanken zu „National Television for One Step at a Time!

      1. Yes but sorry I was looking at the the photo aesthetically I think the photos are beautiful from a composition and photographic eye. The content not so much. It’s possible to see the beauty in something that actually isn’t. 🙂

    1. Check out Erika’s blog. She is living in Norway near Northcape and has very interesting themes.
      I had a short look at „Washed Ashore“ which is very interesting. I will check this site the next days.

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