Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves (2)

These photos I took about 3 years ago at the Hamburg Zoo called „Hagenbeck’s Tierparks“

Have fun with the curves 😉

18 Gedanken zu „Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves (2)

  1. Animals have the best curves for sure. Stunning selection for the challenge and thanks so much for sharing. Your photo’s are gorgeous. 😀

      1. Mee too, but a lot of animals won’t survive in nature anymore, just because the human’s kill them for some obscure medicine or because we need more space or meet or whatever 😦

      2. I know . I read an entire study about how unhappy elephants are in captivity. They took them out of the Philadelphia Zoo.

      3. I will come again and yes please show me! I would be very grateful ( and happy) We are all locked in one way or another….

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