Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry


Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA)

Old Lighthouse at Kap Arkona (Island of Ruegen)

Jenischhaus in Hamburg

44 Gedanken zu „Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

  1. It is very interesting that you post a photo of a container terminal. However, my job in the U.S. Army as a transportation manager on seaports has allowed me to see numerous shipping terminals. The interesting thing that probably a lot of people don’t realize is that the entire operation of a seaport is based primarily on right angles and everything moves in a precise geometric dance. Thanks for sharing.

  2. All very Geometric and ShipShape 🙂
    I like the Light House bestest ! If I see one I got to get a picture too . Have just googled to see where it is ….. looks like an interesting area and I see you can go up inside brilliant!

  3. Wonderful. I can not remember seeing a lighthouse in Europe. You have taken one of the best photos of the Jenischhaus shoeing its Neoclassical architecture.

  4. Schön gemacht! Besonders das Foto vom Jenischhaus, irgendwie bringst´s meine Fantasie sofort in die Lebzeiten des alten Fritzes zurück (auch wenn er geographisch und zeitlich gar nicht passt).

    Danke fürs Teilen,
    Ani Renard

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