Weekly Photo Challenge : Solitary


This tiny old building is a part of the old Port of Hamburg.

The City of Hamburg is constructing a new Quarter „Hafencity“ but thankfully kept some old buildings

42 Gedanken zu „Weekly Photo Challenge : Solitary

  1. Beautiful! Now you got me thinking…I have seen something like this in another city. I must try to find my photo…But yours – is beautiful. I bet the house is pondering over its own everlasting beauty next to the splendid new ones, whose beauty never will outlive his own. Even though the new ones somehow encance the beauty of the old building…

    1. I am sure that the old building will be reneovated and will be a really nice location for a Cafe or something like that. But I also like some of the new buildings.
      I hope you find your pictures soon to have a look at them 😉
      Greets Angela 🙂

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